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iQuartz quartz surface is an innovative, hi-performance, decorative, surfacing material now available to us. The secret behind this groundbreaking material’s strength and beauty lies in high-purify quartz, a binding polymer and heavy metal-free pigments. We can now explore a new creative scope surpassing what is possible with raw stone. Furthermore, the material’s strength, homogeneity, workability and hygienic qualities make it ideal for high-wear commercial areas, as well as for kitchen and bathroom applications.
With its cool, fresh and sparkling look and complete lack of fissures, iQuartz quartz surface subtly interact with light, capturing and reflecting the radiance of quartz crystals. As an added bonus, the material harmonizes beautifully with wood, glass, steel and concrete.


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The Ultimate in Stone Technology Sophistication

iQuartz quartz surface manufacturing process is renowned worldwide and contains more than 93% natural quartz and 7% bonding agent, special additives and pigments, making it an extremely hard wearing, practical and highly versatile surface.

iQuartz quartz surface bench-tops and floors reflects the modern style and trend that we as well as leading architects and designers prefer. With high abrasion resistance, strength and durability, iQuartz quartz surface is the ideal low maintainance, hygenic choice for all interior applications.

iQuartz quartz surface looks great and with its sleek lines and finishes you can be assured of many years of lasting beauty and style that you would expect and appreciate of such a highly reputable product.